working together.
Global WACh, a cooperative effort of UW Departments of Global Health, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics and Gynecology, aims to make scientific discoveries, cultivate leaders, and bridge disciplines to advance the tightly connected health and well-being of women, adolescents, and children.
PATH is the leader in global health innovation, accelerating development across five platforms--vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, devices, and system and service innovations—that harness entrepreneurial insight, scientific and public health expertise, and passion for health equity in order to deliver measurable results that disrupt the cycle of poor health.
UW Bioengineering invents the future of medicine by bridging the traditional disciplines of medicine and engineering to drive health care forward for those in remote parts of the world and here at home. Students, scientists, engineers, and physicians come together to develop innovative and cost-effective approaches to improve health care, collaborating on a range of areas, from biomedical imaging to biomaterials, and from diagnostic tools to targeted drug delivery.
Mobility Outreach International enables mobility in under-resourced areas of the world, serving over 29,000 adults and children impacted by limb loss and deformity. Through our global programs and partnerships, MOi provides corrective treatment to children with clubfoot, as well as prosthetic and orthotic services, physical rehabilitation, advocacy, and orthopedic surgical outreach to adults and children.
The research mission of the Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine of the University of Washington is to advance medical science and improve clinical care by conducting state-of-the art pre-clinical, clinical, translational, and outcomes research.
The University of Washington Department of Rehabilitation Medicine's mission is to improve the function, level of independence, and quality of life of people who have disabilities brought about by illness, injury, or of congenital origin.